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Where does tap water come from? The water cycle

Discover where the water in our taps, that we drink every day, comes from. Even though it is drinkable, it is often full of contaminants: it’s important to filter and/or soften it for our health, for our comfort and for the longevity of our appliances.

Why soften the water in your home?

Why is the water that comes into our homes potentially aggressive for the skin, may damage electrical appliances, reduce the performance of heating systems and damage clothing?

Softening water helps to maintain our health as well as preserving the lifespan of our appliances and greatly enhancing our comfort.

How to filter the water that comes into your home?

The drinking water that comes into our homes sometimes contains contaminants: bacteria, chlorine, pesticides, lead, rust, sand or even viruses.

These contaminants can give the water that we consume an unpleasant appearance or a bad taste and cause sanitary problems.

Fortunately, various technologies can enable water filtering according to its quality and the specific needs of the household.