Online tools

Following the trend of new technologies, we developed several online tools in order to respond to the rapidly evolving needs of our customers.

pentair scan


“I finally don’t have to show up with heavy manuals and outdated documents anymore when I visit my customers – fantastic!” 
- An installer / Pentair Scan user

If you are looking for a handy, easy and quick way to save time and paperwork and to improve your efficiency during a customer visit, then check out the Pentair Scan app.
Giving a digital access to all Pentair product documentation, the Pentair Scan app allows users to activate the product warranty directly on the phone and suggests advices on how and what to replace during a service inspection. Dealers, installers, service or maintenance companies who are members of the Blue Network program can also accrue points from each product scan to benefit from numerous practical advantages.

These are only a few of the benefits of Pentair Scan! Download it soon from the App store or Google Play and discover all the other features of our app!



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salt reminder app


Based on personal settings such as softener type and household size, this application enables the homeowners to be reminded whenever salt should be added into their softener.