Online tools

Following the trend of new technologies, we developed several online tools in order to respond to the rapidly evolving needs of our customers.

scan & service app


Are you looking for a handy, easy and quick way to access all documentation needed, track the maintenance or for instance get advice on how and what to replace during a service inspection ? These are few of the benefits of the Scan & Service app, which is available on App store and Google Play.

Scan & Service is an easy and intuitive tool set for professionals, which helps service and maintenance companies identifying, installing, troubleshooting and servicing Pentair products. This app will be gradually expanded and made available for our direct customers and end-users.

Using it is extremely easy : by scanning with a smartphone an easily recognisable label on the product, users will have access to updated product information, such as the product manual or the valve configuration settings. The augmented reality technology will automatically recognize the valve, thanks to this individual label, which is unique to the serial number.

This app is already available in several languages, such as French, English, German, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Polish and Russian and is able to function even when the smartphone is offline.

Dealers, installers, service or maintenance companies will also be able to become members of the Blue Network program, which allow users to accrue points on each product scan and benefit from numerous practical advantages.






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salt reminder app


Based on personal settings such as softener type and household size, this application enables the homeowners to be reminded whenever salt should be added into their softener.



Offered in 9 different languages, this website is the perfect tool for a quick and efficient way to size a softening, filtration or demineralization installation. For each application, it will provide an automated calculation module that will help size and propose the most suitable product for any installation.

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