Designed for residential applications, RO membranes use the industry leading state of the art TLC (Thin Layer Composite) membrane technology. Each element meets our factories’ strict performance requirements, for a 100% customer satisfaction.

The range is composed of 2 product lines: Thin Layer Composite (TLC) and Green RO (GRO) membranes:

  • Thin Layer Composite range is made of 5 reverse osmosis membranes that cover any type of customer needs. Dimensions of these membranes are standard and fit into any reverse osmosis system available on the market.
  • Green RO membranes are available for 3 types of flow rate: 36, 50 and 75 gpd. They provide high quality water while wasting 4 times less water to the drain. Hence, their name "Green” RO


Residential RO membranes are available under the Pentair brand.


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