Pentair continually evaluates its environmental practices and its ways to reduce its total footprint. Many initiatives are underway to reduce energy, water, waste and emissions. Below are some examples of how we put our commitment in practice.


The 4'110 photovoltaic solar panels on the roof of Pentair’s Pisa (IT) manufacturing site generate electrical power by converting sunlight into direct current electricity using semiconductors.  Not only has it reduced energy costs, but also allowed the plant to manufacture all products using renewable energy. The plant consumes only 84 percent of the energy it generates, allowing the excess electricity to be sold back into the power grid, providing clean, renewable energy for the whole city.


Through PIMS, Pentair’s materials management process helps to reduce and eliminate waste and maximize the use of natural resources. 80 percent of all our sites achieved zero waste to landfill status which is performed by avoiding, recycling, or reusing all scrap and waste materials that would normally be sent to landfills.

In 2008, Pentair also committed to be 100 percent bottled water free within our facilities. To date, 20 Pentair sites have achieved zero landfill status.


Across the globe, Pentair employees have rallied around “Energy treasure hunts” in which teams go into manufacturing facilities and identify all energy consuming devices that could be reduced or eliminated. Over the past 3 years, these efforts has already resulted in a 40% reduction in energy consumption per unit of output for Pentair's manufacturing facilities.


Since 2008 Pentair has been using returnable folding packaging in order to reduce the amount of waste produced and to optimize the transports. This eco-concept has especially been used between its Brescia and Pisa plants for the transport of stainless steel components.