The heart of your filtration system

With a focus on residential and commercial water treatment markets, Pentair filtration systems and components provide users with cutting edge Point-Of-Use and Point-Of-Entry filtration technologies. They remove suspended solids and dissolved contaminants, providing clean and safe drinking water, which ultimately is key to protect and extend the life of household appliances and critical equipment.


Pentair filtration products are made in 5 different locations each one having its own specialty. Pentair in Dover (US) is dedicated to our well known Fibredyne cartridges while our famous PRF RO system and its RO membrane are manufactured in White Bear Lake (US). Freshpoint filtration systems, RO membranes, sediment and carbon cartridges are produced in Suzhou (CN) and Pentair Reynosa (MX) mainly focuses on housings and filter bags. Finally, our Lineguard (Ultrafiltration system) is produced in Enschede, (NL). Pentair Suzhou and Reynosa are ISO 9001:2008 certified.



Pentair housings are known for their high quality and dependability. They were at the origin of the industry-standard plastic filter housings and are the foundation for the filtration products that Pentair offers today.


Designed for residential applications, these elements use the industry leading state of the art TLC (Thin Layer Composite) membrane technology. Each element is required to meet our factories strict performance requirements, for a 100% customer satisfaction.


Pentair offers the industry’s widest selection of quality carbon cartridges. Our solutions are based upon two distinct core technologies:

  • Traditional carbon blocks
  • Our proprietary wet-molded Fibredyne carbon blocks

Our carbon capabilities also include granular and pleated technologies designed to reduce bacteria, cysts and chlorine taste and odor.


Sediment filtration is a fundamental water treatment on the market. This type of filtration is accomplished by mechanically removing solid matters from a fluid stream by trapping particles in a solid media.


Specialty filters’ range combines 3 families of cartridges, perfectly suitable for all special needs and particular applications such as deionization or iron reduction.


Starting with our Freshpoint Point-Of-Use filtration platform going through our well known PRF RO and Modular Pro Series and ending with our Lineguard Point-Of-Entry ultrafiltration system, Pentair branded filtration systems cover all demanding needs of residential and commercial applications.

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